Spending time outdoors in the spring and summer season is always much nicer when you have a comfortable and safe outdoor patio or deck. But thanks in part to the extreme weather we get in Pittsburgh; it's typical for our outdoor decks and patios to take quite a beating. This is why our team works hard to provide deck and patio services in Pittsburgh designed to get your outdoor living spaces back in tip-top-shape; without impacting your budget.

Our professional team of designers, installers and management has worked on many deck and patio projects in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas over the years. And with every job we undertake, our dedication to producing superior results without compromising cost is our primary objective. Since the day's we opened for business Technion Construction have prescribed to a very simple concept – follow the process.


Technion Construction will work with you to come up with a Deck and Patio solution that not only allows you to get what you want – but also helps to improve function. Safety is also important to the team at Technion Construction. It's due to this fact that we will always make sure your deck and patio renovation project is completed with safety as our top priority.

We proudly offer the following deck and patio services:

  • DECK CONSTRUCTION, REPAIR AND RENOVATION – Technion Construction has a team of professional woodworking experts and carpenters that are experts at building, repairing or renovating decks. A deck is typically a wooden platform adjoined to the rear, side or front of a home – but regardless of where you want it installed, we'll work with you to safely complete this project.

  • PATIO COVERS – A growing trend in Pittsburgh backyards is installing coverings that are positioned above outdoor living areas that provide some protection from heat, rain and other natural elements.

  • ARBORS/PERGOLA COVERS – If you're looking for a stylish outdoor feature, consider having Technion Construction build a Pergola or Arbor which is a structure, often arched in design, which is placed over outdoor paths and supports climbing plants.

Sometimes Deck and Patio projects can be very complex due to the existing restrictions outside of a house. Our goal is to meet specifically with each customer to pinpoint any problem areas – then customize a solution that is affordable.

Our ultimate goal at Technion Construction is to exceed your expectations with all Deck and Patio services in Pittsburgh. If you are looking to have a home renovation project completed – contact us today to set up a free consultation. We look forward to working with you soon.

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