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When you're planning to start a home renovation project in Pittsburgh, it's typical to consider three primary areas:

  • What is your budget?

  • What are you looking to achieve?

  • What stylistic features do you want to include?

One of the more common upgrades that homeowners in Pittsburgh are starting to incorporate in their home remodeling projects is custom woodworking. And regardless of the type of woodworking project you can think of, we have the expert craftsmen to get the job done – with a focus on quality.

Technion Construction is dedicated to surpassing our customer's expectations – especially when it comes to customized woodworking solutions that are both luxurious yet affordable. Our company works with the best construction experts and custom woodworking artists that can articulate your vision into an elegant piece that will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

Incorporating custom woodworking into any home adds elegance and a touch of class to any home. From adding customized ceiling pieces, or completing your entire home remodeling project with customized woodworking elements, our professional team can get the job done on time and within your budget.

Some of the woodworking services we offer include:

  • Custom Wood Interiors

  • Custom Cabinets/Drawers/Doors

  • Custom Bookcases

  • Custom Bars and Wine Rooms

  • Custom Railings

We will always use only the highest quality materials with all custom woodworking projects we undertake. This ensures quality and longevity – but also makes each piece visually stunning. We also pride ourselves on integrating a proven process to make sure your custom woodworking project is completed on time – and that you get professional results.


We understand that money is always a hurdle when it comes to any home improvement project. But instead of making this a handicap, we'll meet with you to discuss the vision you have about your woodworking project and customize a solution that is affordable and quality-driven.


After we've laid out a baseline, it's then critical to assemble a plan of action that makes sure your project goes off without a hitch.


Our professional woodworking artists will make sure your pieces are customized to your specific desires and specifications.

Our ultimate goal at Technion Construction is to exceed your expectations with all custom woodworking services in Pittsburgh. If you are looking to have a home renovation project completed – contact us today to set up a free consultation. We look forward to working with you soon.

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